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Newspapers and Magazines

Corporate brochures, promotional and advertising leaflets, newspaper and magazine ads targeting consumers or specialists, in-store advertising, press releases…over many years working in-house or on contract, Jocelyne Benoît has created, written or adapted copy for the following advertisers:

Bombardier (Skidoo, Seadoo), Bijouteries Doucet, Boyle-Midway, Bristol-Myers Squibb (Clairol), Broward County, Dairy Bureau of Canada, Canada Dry, Canadelle, Canderm Pharma, Carnation, Catelli, CN Rail, Colgate, Connaught Novo, Cover Girl, Culinar, Delta Airlines, Douwe Egberts, Dupont, Dutailier, Elizabeth Arden, Ford Canada, Fuji, General Foods, Gore, Gulf Canada, GWG, Heinz, Hilton, Transcontinental Printing, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg Canada, Kimberley-Clark, Kodak Canada, LA-Z-BOY, Lipton, Atlantic Lottery, Luxoticca, Multiculturalisme Canada, Nabisco, Neilson, Oland Breweries, Olympic Paint, Pêches & Océans, Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble (Secret, Camay, Head & Shoulders) Simpson, Sleeman Brewery, Sports Dinaco, Tambrands, Jamaican Tourist Board, Tourism Nova Scotia, Weston, Whitehall Laboratories

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Advertorials and Reports

Jocelyne Benoît had an early start to her career in communications.  While still enrolled in French Studies at CÉGEP du Vieux-Montréal, and with no work experience, Jocelyne knocked on the door of Editions Quebecor, the well-known Papineau Street publishing house.  As a result of her meeting with an associate of publisher Pierre Peladeau, she was offered, and accepted, the challenge of writing articles for two Quebecor publications : Nouvelles Illustrées and Échos Vedettes.  

Châtelogo chatelainelaine – Un peu de tout (monthly articles)

logo madame magMadame – (Magazine launch/Globe Communications)

  • Clin d’Oeil – Summer 1996 Faire face à la chirurgie esthétique
  • logo clin dClin d’Oeil – Summer 1996 (White Chantilly) Une odeur vaut mille mots
  • Clin d’Oeil – Summer 1996 (White Chantilly) L’odeur a ses raisons que la raison  ne connaît pas.
  • Clin d’Oeil – Fall 1996 (Dream by Tabu) Femmes de rêve
  • Clin  d’Oeil – Fall 1996 (Dream by Tabu) Femme de coeur

Ailes de la mode, Winter 1996-1997 (Métamorphose, monthly articles)